Belarus Real Estate

Belarus, a beautiful country in Eastern Europe, is a state with a large expanse of wetlands. Half the country in this country is forested and includes nearly 11,000 lakes. It is to the west of Poland, Latvia to the north, north-west of Lithuania, Russia in the north-east and south of Ukraine. The country is fairly rich in natural resources home extensions melbourne such as petroleum, natural gas, peat deposits, limestone, marl, gravel, sand and clay.

Real Estate in Belarus is considered the last unexplored and untapped market in the European continent. But there are many obstacles in the way of foreign investors to buy real estate in Belarus. In accordance with Belarusian legislation are foreigners and foreign legal persons are not allowed to invest in real estate in Belarus. However, there are opportunities to invest at all and the people in order to indirectly in real estate through Belarus Belarusian companies. The land area of ​​Belarus is owned by the government. Even citizens of countries that want to buy residential or commercial real estate Belarus a long-term lease of 50 years to get their properties.

As the country also experienced a growth spurt in terms of its economy is also witnessing a bubble Belarus with the price increase 25-20 percent annually. It is planned to follow the same path in the future. The amount of quality products is available is very limited compared to the growing demand for these properties, thus ensuring a positive attitude. All transactions involving property valued greater than or equal to 150 thousand U.S. dollars must be approved by the President personally. This bureaucratic process will take a long time due to significant delays, especially for Western investors and companies that make fast money in this lucrative market.

A shocking turn of events was the permission that the countrys president has given to real estate professionals in the United States to open international offices in Minsk. This was seen as a ploy to know to foreign investors in the country, certainly feel much safer that other international real estate companies are already in operation, it would attract seen. Residential real estate of Belarus in Minsk are available for a price of about $ 2,000 per square meter available. Prices also vary depending on the number of bedrooms in the property, with the larger units are more expensive than smaller ones. The increase in the tough competition for the supply of housing is mainly due to higher incomes for individuals in the country and the increasing number of foreign buyers looking to invest in international real estate.

Although Belarus is not on the market, the easier to treat, have been in the property, but it is sure to be better because of the signs of a weakening grip of the President on the same. Once foreign investors to set foot on the land, further relaxation of regulations are expected.

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