Passive Solar Heating Panels: Where to Buy Them

Maybe you already have a passive solar heating system in your home or just are starting to get involved with passive solar space heating, but either way at some point you are going to need to buy some passive solar heating panels. Energy Smart PTY Ltd Fortunately because of the popularity of solar power these days, there are more than enough stores out there that offer these passive solar heating panels, and which are therefore going to be worth you checking out.


This is one name that you are going to want to become more familiar with if you are looking for passive solar heating panels. Here they offer two different types of passive solar heating panels that you can check out, and both types are approximately six feet tall but with other differences. The first one is an on-wall panel which means that it has been designed for retrofit to commercial, garage and shop buildings.

Then there is the second type that they offer, which is the in-wall panel. This is the type that has been specially designed for use in residential and retail buildings. You can view all of their solar panels on their website, and find out where you can go to purchase them.

Native Sun Power

This is another company that you can go through to get your passive solar heating panels. They offer not only solar panels but as well fuel savers, water products, wind products, water heaters, water filtration products, water conservation products, LED lightbulbs, fluorescent bulbs, thermostats and so much more.

They know how beneficial passive solar heating can be and so they want to make sure that everyone has access to the necessary products for this.

There are lots of other online companies that are available as well and which are going to be worth checking out if you want to make the switch and get your home run by passive solar power. This is going to be hugely to your advantage and is something that you should definitely be more interested in if you are not already.

Although you will have to pay a bit more initially to get the system up and running, it will more than pay itself off in the long run. Within as few as the first couple of months you are going to see the advantages, namely that you are saving money and that you are doing better for the environment.

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